Thai Hot Compress Massage

Thai Hot Compress Massage

Thai Hot Compress Massage


In all our Thai Hot Compress treatments, we use hot stones, so that you benefit from both the healing and relaxing effects of the herbs of the compresses and the healing and relaxing effect of the hot stones.






Thai Hot Compress Body Massage    (60 Min)    £45.00

Hot compress provide the same stimulation as acupressure, used to stimulate tender or sensitive areas that cannot be massaged directly; a back may be too painful for direct acrupressure. However hot herbal compresses on the same points will provide similar benefits. The therapist will work the Zen energy lines with the compresses and also work pain ful areas.



Thai Hot Compress and Frangipani Body Treatment   (90 Min)      £59.00

This treatment starts with aromatic essential oil application and the use of the rare Fangipani oil. Specific massage techniques and acupressure for the face and body will relax your muscles and mind. This relaxing massage is followed by a Thai herbal compress treatment this will help you unwind and de-stress even further.



Thai Hot Compress Facial Massage   (60 Min)           £37.00

A facial using small specifically formulated Thai hot facial compresses to stimulate facial acupressure points. This facial will disinfect your skin and stimulate the energy lines in your face to stimulate collagen and elatin production to minimise facial lines.