Reflexology involves the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands or ears with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oils or lotion. Reflexology treats a system of zones and reflex areas which reflect the entire body on the feet or hands. Specific massage techniques working on these zones can result in a improvement of a medical condition.





Relaxing Foot Massage (30 Min)   £25.50

Massaging specific pressure points on the feet, which are believed that these areas correspond to different body organs and systems. The result is a positive effect on general health and wellbeing.

Foot Exfoliation and Foot Massage (60 Min)    £44.00

This treatment starts with a deep exfoliation of your feet to remove dead skin cells and makes your skin nice and smooth. The exfoliation is followed by the application of pressure to different parts of the feet, which represent areas for different body organs and systems on the feet. Pressing these areas has a beneficial effect on general health and wellbeing.


HOPI Ear Candels (30 Min)    £26.00

The Hopi Native American Indian tribe are the oldest Pueblo people. They have great medical knowledge and high degree of spirituality. They have used the candles for hundreds of years to cleanse the mind and draw out impurities.

The ear candles work by causing a vibration of air (created by heat) to gently massage the eardrum and draw out the wax. each candle takes about 10 minutes to burn down and the rest of the treatment time is taken up with a relaxing head and pressure point massage.

Relief of sinus problems and headaches. Ideal for excessive or compacted ear wax. Equalises the pressure in the head and ears as well as providing a highly relaxing treatment which calms the whole body.