Individual lashes are applied to your natural eyelashes to create a fuller, thicker and longer appearance. Essential Therapy's eyelash extensions are the perfect way to create a dramatic look for your eyes, lasting up to 6 weeks with our new advanced gold glue. They will fall out with your natural eyelash cycle. You can swim and exercise without the worry they could fall out.







Individual Eyelashes (1:1 Application)


Our therapists can create every style you desire, either a natural round style or a more dramatic style with longer lashes on the outside of the eye.


Full Set (60 Min)                     £42.00

Full Set Mascara (90 Min)        £58.00

Flirty Lashes (40 Min)             £32.00

Removal and Soak - off           £10.00



Within 3 weeks (30 Min)         £20.00

Winthin 4 weeks (40 Min)       £25.00

Within 5 weeks (50 Min)         £30.00


All lash applications after 5 weeks will be charged as a full set.



Russian Volume Lashes (Feathering Technique)


Superfine lashes with a thickness of 0.05, 0.07 or 0.10 will be either applied 1:1 or through the Feathering Technique. This method will give you a very natural look of your lashes ans the lashes are extremly soft and good to wear.

Our therpaist can create a natural or more dramatic look.


Full Set (90 MIn)                          £75.00

Full Set (120 Min)                        £100.00



Within 3 weeks (30 Min)         £30.00

Winthin 4 weeks (40 Min)       £35.00

Within 5 weeks (50 Min)         £74.00



Pre-Fabricated Russian Volume Lashes


Very fine hand-glued lashes will be applied 1:1. All lashes are intended to stay in up to 6 weeks assuming correct care is given to your lash extensions

A natural or dramatic look can be achieved by using 3D or 5D lashes.


Standard Service (40 Min)         £35.00

Luxury Service (60 Min)            £49.00

Infill Service (20 Min)               £20.00